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 Clayton Search is a leader in the Government Cleared recruiting industry. We conduct extensive, in-depth searches to find the best matches for our clients and candidates.  Our clients are federal government contractors and commercial companies, typically small to mid-size who are looking for the best talent to fit their staffing needs.  We specialize in Federal/Military Construction, Architecture, Engineering, Information Technology, Finance/Accounting, Human Resources, Security and Military Tactical positions. Our goal is to make the hiring process as efficient and easy for both our candidates and clients.  Clayton Search is committed to connecting candidates and clients in the Government Cleared industry.

Our Specialties


Government Cleared

*Department Of Defense (DoD) Support

* Intel Community

* Intelligence Analyst

* Information Technology Specialists (Systems Admin., Network Admin., Web Editors, Programmers)

* Finance/Accounting

* Cybersecurity

* Linguist

* Engineers

* Program Managers/Project Managers

* Executives

* Logistics

* FOIA Review & Release Specialist

* Business Development/Prospal 

* Technicians

* Facility Security Officers

* Personnel Security Specialist

* Compliance Professionals



* Executives

* Trades

* Project Managers

* Superintendents

* Project Engineers

* Preconstruction

* Estimators

* Operations Managers

* Finance/Accounting

* Site Safety Health Officers (SSHO)

* Quality Control Managers

* Federal Facilities Maintenance


Engineering: Federal/Commercial

* Civil

* Mechanical

* Electrical

* Network

* Software

* Aerospace

* Computer

* Data

* Industrial

* Environmental

* Chemical

* Managers

* Directors

* Executives

Contact Us

Your Company needs top talent in today's competative economy.  Clayton Search can help.  We provide exceptional and qualified candidates who bring value and fit your business needs.  Please fill out the form below or contact Ron Clayton at 727-492-3669. 




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Backend Developer
Military Humvee
Construction Management
Information Technology
Social network concept
User Interface
Construction Site Managers
Jet Engine
Construction Management
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